Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 24

What makes people who know God turn away from God? Unfortunately, sometimes it is the result of lack of leadership. I am reminded of my own high school youth group leaders. Man, they were fantastic. They were a young couple who later married and were just on fire for Jesus. They shepherded us sheep for a good two years, if I remember correctly, and during that time, I was baptized, and as I look back now, I know that I developed a much deeper relationship with God than I ever realized. However, when our youth leaders left our church, I pretty much did, too. I stopped attending Sunday school and youth group. I just didn’t enjoy them as much. We got a new youth leader, and he was a nice guy and all, but he just never “did it” for me, you know? I’m wondering if Joash had a similar experience after Jehoiada died. It’s unfortunate, just like a good chunk of my 20s, but it does provide an excellent story about how important good leadership is and also how good leaders should remember to prepare their predecessors to continue leading with integrity after the leaders have gone. I’m not saying Jehoiada didn’t do this. He very well could have and probably did do it, and for that, he most likely died with a clear and satisfied conscience. Yes, it is a leader’s responsibility to pass on leadership skills, but if their “pupils” don’t listen, the leader has no reason to carry a burden of guilt.

Writing prompt: leaders gone bad

Have you ever known a good leader that turned bad? Write a story about that person in respect to King Joash and Jehoiada. If you don’t have a story of that manner to tell, write about how good leadership is vital to future generations.

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