Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 29

It’s hard for me to imagine how one goes from being the son of a king like Ahaz to such an upright and honorable king who not only does what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, but he easily convinces all of Judah to follow in his footsteps. He got the Temple restored and the party started in less than a month following his father’s death. Maybe he was just waiting for his moment. If I wrote a story about young Hezekiah, I’d definitely include his thoughts about his dad sacrificing his own sons and how he knew he was lucky to be alive. And my story would 100 percent revolve around Hezekiah’s inner plot to act nice, lay low, inherit the kingdom and flip it completely upside down! I’m getting excited just thinking about a story I will most likely never write. But you can, and please share when you do! I’m just the ideas guy for this post (ok, for most posts).

Writing prompt: Hezekiah

Well, you knew this was going to be the writing prompt, duh. Write a fictional tale that could be true about Hezekiah’s childhood.


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