Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | 2 Chronicles 33

If you think your sins have gone above and beyond anything God could ever forgive, look to King Manasseh. You cannot get any worse than him. He was brought up in the loving shadows of King Hezekiah, who spent a lifetime trying to right the wrongs of past kings, and his own son ignored everything and turned Judah completely upside down once again. He sacrificed his children in the fire. He placed a carved idol inside God’s Temple. And he paid. Oh, he paid big time. But look what he did: he humbled himself, and he prayed (v. 12, 13). The most beautiful part, though, is in verse 13: the Lord listened. He not only listened, but He was moved by Manasseh’s request. God saw Manasseh’s heart was sincere, so he rescued him. He will rescue you, too, if you’re in this kind of predicament. All you have to do is ask God and mean it. It’s that easy. He might not always rescue us in a way we had in mind. It took Manasseh getting dragged to Babylon and getting his nose pierced to finally ask God for help. Don’t let that be you.

Writing prompt: Stop! Hammer time!

Just pray today. Say a prayer of humility. Write it out, and talk it out with God. He listens. He is moved by our candidness. We got to pray … every day … just to make it today. Just pray.


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