Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Nehemiah 6

Nehemiah has some brutal prayers, doesn’t he? Look at verse 14: remember … all the bad people who have intimidated me! Me, me, me! I’m not sure how I would feel about Nehemiah had I been helping build the wall. He seems like a downright hard character. He led thousands in building a wall in 52 days, and he doesn’t even bother with trying to get to the bottom of why he kept getting letters asking him to take a break from his work. He’s just head down and feet to the ground engrossed in his work. And about every prayer he records is all about God throwing down some lightning bolts on anyone who tries to get in his way. So, I’m not sure I personally would like Nehemiah if I had to work alongside him. With that said, however, I probably still would respect the heck out of him. He seems humble and thoughtful and committed.

Writing prompt: qualities

What qualities do you see in Nehemiah? Write about how you might feel if he were your coworker or supervisor.


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