Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Nehemiah 10

Are you still thinking about how the city/town in which you live was founded? Man, I am. Nehemiah’s been giving me hometown vibes big time. This chapter summarizes the founding fathers and the promises the citizens made – as a community – to do what it takes to keep the new city thriving while honoring God. It was a huge undertaking and required cooperation and dedication from thousands of people. When I think about the general population numbering about 50,000 that adds to my amazement. But also, I can see projects of this magnitude all around me every day. Just the other day, we ventured out into great big Bangkok and ran smack into a protest rally. It was overwhelmingly wonderful, but more importantly, it was highly organized and contained (I mean for an event that is involving 20,000+ people daily, it was done well.) because people are dedicated to this cause, and because they are dedicated, they all don’t mind “playing by the same rules,” so to speak. Do they have conflicts? Oh yeah. We get those reports on the news, too. But my point is, as a whole, they have a unified spirit. This unified spirit is something my little hometown has in abundance. It’s hard to explain, and I hope I can put it into words one day, but for now, I’m just going to reflect on some good memories, as I’m sure many of the Israelites from this chapter did in years yet to come.

Writing prompt: team spirit

Write about a team/group that has/had a unified spirit.


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