Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Esther 5

When I think of a banquet, I picture a large gathering full of eating and merriment, so if your Bible uses the word “banquet” as well, you may be wondering, why so many parties? But banquet in this case is just a fancy word for a fancy dinner. Haman alludes to the fact that it was an intimate, yet flashy affair in the last section of this chapter, which leaves me on the edge of my seat. How about you?

I am hopeful, though, as I see the king’s gentle demeanor towards his wife and queen. (Plus, I know the ending, but that’s beside the point.) I really love how King Xerxes seems to respect his queen and shows her a kind of love that is weird to us but evident in his actions. However, we know that King Xerxes also has a vulnerable side, especially when it comes to Haman and his wishes. Haman’s plot to impale Mordecai sure does thicken the suspense!

Writing prompt: banquet

What is your impression of the people we’ve met so far in the Book of Esther?


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