Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Esther 6

Drat! Haman is foiled again! And all because the king couldn’t sleep. If the king would have been able to sleep, he wouldn’t have read the history book that reminded him Mordecai had once in essence saved his life. Darn that insomnia! But as it happened, the king did discover that Mordecai was his own personal hero just as Haman was going to officially make him is own personal enemy. Ko-winky-dink? I think not.

Something else that caught my attention today was that the king knew Mordecai was a Jew (v. 10), and he also knew that he’d approved Haman’s plot to eliminate the Jews. Furthermore, the people with whom Mordecai kept company also seemed to know the Jews had something special about them. Look at verse 13: his wise advisers and his wife said, “Since Mordecai – this man who has humiliated you – is of Jewish birth, you will never succeed in your plans against him. It will be fatal to continue opposing him.” Yet, in Chapter 5, his wife and possibly some of these same people were telling Haman to impale Mordecai on a pole in the town square (v. 14). Hmmmm, it seems something has happened in this time frame between when Haman asked the king to issue the order to exterminate the Jews and from the day it will be executed. We can’t really tell from the text how much time has passed, but the Jews had two years from the day Haman got all mad because Mordecai wouldn’t bow to him. Now, we see Haman is losing some of his clout before his order even gets underway, and even his wife and wise advisers are telling him to give it a rest and back off.

Writing prompt: Haman

Do you know anyone like Haman? Sometimes we ourselves act like Haman! Write about a Haman in your life.


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