Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Esther 7

Oh, stories don’t get any better than this. It’s got love! It’s got devotion! It’s got justice! Can’t you just see it played out on stage? I was thinking more about King Xerxes and how his attitude was instrumental in saving the Jews, and how we don’t really consider him much when studying the Book of Esther. And that’s fine. That’s how it’s intended to be. I mean, the book is called Esther for a reason. And Queen Esther certainly is a treasure and inspiration for women. However, I’m going to go the way of the man hero today. I know. I know. We have enough man heroes, but I think King Xerxes can serve as a reminder that sometimes a good man is behind a good woman, and that should be noted. Just think if King Xerxes would have been a terrible human being? Yes, God would have had handled it still, but we would be reading a completely different story right now. I said from the beginning of the chapter that King Xerxes had very likable qualities, even as the king of Babylon. He treated his people well. He (for the most part) treated his queens well, and while he was a bit gullible in listening to his officials, the fact is that he did listen to them, and he respected them (meaning Haman) enough to carry out their wishes. But he also wasn’t naive, and he wasn’t at all too arrogant to admit he’d made a grave mistake. That’s a pretty good man, right there. And Mordecai and Esther’s plan depended on that.

I don’t know why the Holy Spirit is highlighting King Xerxes’ character so much to me in this book, but that’s what I’ve been focused on. I suppose, or at least what I feel is happening, is that I’m realizing how much good relationships depend on one another. And I’m having trouble explaining that. It’s like I’m realizing that a man and a woman in a marriage can go about their separate businesses and still get lots of great things done as individuals. And I think that’s great. But when I see a man and a woman in a marriage working as a team to accomplish the same goal, it’s super inspiring, especially when it’s impossible to give just one of them credit because they did whatever they did together. I hope that makes sense.

Writing prompt: togetherness

Write a story about something you did that required help from a significant other. If you’ve never had a significant other, write about a friend or relative who helped you once. If you don’t have any friends or relatives who have helped you, perhaps you should write about that today because that’s just sad. Please know that Jesus loves you. Also, Lazy Panda love you.


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