Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Esther 9

And that, folks, is how folklore gets started. Did you know that Jewish people still celebrate the Festival of Purim today? I didn’t either until I read about it. The ending of this chapter is adamant that this tradition will live on forever, so I was curious to see if it had. And it has! The annual dates are basically the same, and the photos are just fabulous. Do a Google. It’s fun, unlike much of this chapter, which was kind of doom and gloom, actually.

Verse 4 made me super curious: “For Mordecai had been promoted in the king’s palace, and his fame spread throughout all the provinces as he became more and more powerful.” While the chapter doesn’t elaborate much about Mordecai’s newfound prominence, all the killing and impaling makes me think Mordecai might eventually have gotten a little too big for his britches. But that’s just where my brain went. This tale has nothing to do with that. However, it also made me think, drat, the man wins again. While we always view this story with Esther as the main character, we can see that even though she does get credit for some great stuff, it is Mordecai – the man – who is celebrated when it is all said and done. Did that sound bitter? I didn’t mean for to sound too hateful, but it does make me want to reinforce a message to women: we are important. Sometimes, we just don’t get credit. Sometimes, we just go unnoticed. Sometimes, we do a whole bunch of stuff and never even receive a thank you, much less an entire book written about us. But that’s what’s so special about women. Do you get what I’m saying? I hope so. Because if you are a woman, you are super special. I mean, you’re super special if you’re a man, but let’s celebrate the ladies today a little, shall we?

Writing prompt: for the ladies

Oh, yeah. Write about your favorite lady who does way more than she gets credit for. Show her some love, and show her what you wrote about her!


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