Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 2

My Grandma Mabel used to always say, “Everything happens for a reason.” For some reason, I loved when she said it, but I hated when my own mother said it. But regardless of how I may have felt about the messenger at the time (sorry, Mom), the message was the same, and man, oh, man, I have clung to those words in some heavy times. Job reminds us of this truth. In every paragraph and every chapter, in fact, Job will remind us of this truth. There is a lot of talk about when Job is written and who wrote it and how the author would know about a conversation between God and Satan, and all of those things are fascinating, and you definitely should go beyond this simple Bible study to learn all you can about the man Job and this book we have about him, but more than anything, I want you to remember the truth he is illustrating on these pages that have through whatever means been preserved for us to absorb today. Because if ever we needed a truth that everything happens for a reason, it is now.

Writing prompt: truth

Sometimes truth hurts. Write about a truth that wasn’t easy to digest but turned out to be super beneficial in the long run.


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