Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 8

Bildad, he’s like that friend who goes, “Look, man, idk what’s going on, but it’s bad, super bad. Are you SURE you didn’t do anything awful? Maybe something you didn’t think was too bad but God saw it as bad? Maybe your kids did something wrong? Can you think of anything? Anything at all??? I don’t know, man, but whatever it was, you better just tell God you’re sorry about it ASAP.”

I feel like I can relate to Bildad, actually. It’s hard to come right out and say to your friends what you’re thinking sometimes, and thank goodness, we hold back nine times out of 10, right??? And if you’re one of those people who just says whatever it is that’s on your mind, remind yourself right this very second that if you’re having that many thoughts about that many people, then those very same people might be having thoughts about you right back, because you, sorry to break it to you, have some flaws that people with whom you come in contact notice and think about. I’m sure Bildad was not perfect, and he knew that, so he chose his words wisely and thoughtfully. We could all learn a lesson about communication from Bildad.

Funny, though, in reading Job this time around, I am seeing his friends in a different light than I have in past readings. Perhaps that’s because I’ve always approached Job and his three pals as sort of frienemies. I’m not sure why, but I know in past studies I’ve been taught that Job’s friends weren’t very good friends because they doubted him and said harsh words to him. But idk. I’m looking at them quite differently right now.

Writing prompt: frienemy

What say you of Job’s buddies, the first two anyway? Friend or foe … or frienemy?


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