Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 11

Have you ever had a friend whom you love dearly but have trouble empathizing with because it seems every word out of his mouth is a little far-fetched? This, to me, is how Zophar sees Job at this moment. He’s THAT friend – the doubter, the Negative Nelly, the bringer-downer. From an outsider’s perspective, his words are somewhat humorous: he’s like, dude, it’s ok that you did something wrong; we’re not judging you, but God is, so just tell Him you’re sorry, man. I am more picturing Job’s face as his buddy rambles on and on, insisting that everything Job has said up until this point is complete gobblety-goop. The eye-rolling is real, folks. But even though we know what we know about Job, we still can understand where his friend Zophar is coming from. I’ll tell you, if we didn’t have Jesus, and one of my friends or even I went through a fraction of what Job has endured, I would have my doubts – and probably try to convey them in a PC kinda way – about what had been going on behind the scenes. But as we know, and as Job knows, Job is innocent! And confused. And hurting. And now his friends doubt him, too. He literally is down to having zero people on whom he can depend for encouragement and hope. And what happens next because of Job’s destitution, my friends, is worth staying tuned in for!

Writing prompt: dependent

Sometimes we lean too heavily on earthlings for encouragement and hope during times of distress, but humans be humans. Write about a time when you depended on a person to lift you up but were instead let down.


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