Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 15

Doh! It looks like Job’s friend Eliphaz has had enough. If you remember, Eliphaz spoke to Job in a past chapter. In fact, of Job’s three friends, Eliphaz was the first to offer his unsolicited opinion. It was Eliphaz’ words that ignited the fire in Job to speak out after two weeks of silence. So, here we are at round two, following a couple different bouts from Job, who is adamant about his innocence. Now, in Eliphaz’ first reply, he was gentle, or gentler anyway, than he is this go-around. After listening to Job rant and rave and proclaim he wanted to speak to God himself, Eliphaz is like, “Man, you’ve gone too far. Just admit your guilt. My dad and grandpa both told me that bad things like this only happen to bad people. And look at your circumstance: you fit the profile for someone who is ruthless and evil; you had money and children and food to eat and large homes, and people like that just don’t come by it naturally, so God took it away, and he wants you to confess how you got all that stuff in the first place, because obviously, it was wrong.” Some friend, huh? But what would you think if you were Eliphaz and your ancestors had told you that wealth and power were the mark of evil? Gosh, that sure could apply to today, couldn’t it?

Writing prompt: apply

Apply the great debacle of having wealth yet still having a heart that God loves in your writing today.


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