Bible studies for writers

Bible Studies for Writers | Job 17

It’s ok to have trouble understanding every word of the Bible (like I did today), and Job gives us a perfect example of what to do when that happens: go to God, and ask Him. So simple, right? But sometimes we forget that we can approach the throne anytime we want and ask as many questions as we want and stay there as long as we like. And I believe that is one of the biggest lessons Job teaches us. Verse 3 of this chapter gives an example of the kind of reaction God is looking for from each of us when times get to be too much: “You must defend my innocence, O God, since no one else will stand up for me.” Job is at the throne, begging for his life, literally, because he has zero other places to go. However, Job could choose to NOT go to God, and this is a huge point of this entire book. In life, when it all comes down to the nitty gritty of things, we have two choices – God or no god. You could call “no god” “self” also. We can choose God or ourselves. That is the choice He gives us, and you better believe He wants us to choose Him. Now, poor Job is used as an example for all of us. I hope you can at least look at his life and go, no matter how bad I have it, it’s never going to be worse than Job’s life. And I hope you can take his reaction to his situation, apply it to your own, and take it all to God, for you never know what He might be trying to accomplish through you.

Writing prompt: go to God

We all have struggles and worries and heartaches and physical pains. Go to God with them today. Pour your heart out to him. Feel selfish. Talk about your junk, your own stuff, your SELF, the very self into which God breathed a life with a purpose.


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