Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 24

Job is asking what many of us ask all the time: why do horrible people get “good” things? I say good things, because on Earth, we tend to relate good things to wealth and security. And in this day and age, who could blame us? Everything we do revolves around money. Well, just look what Job is saying: same, same. Nothing has changed since the dawn of time. Even in Job’s day, money and power meant happiness, so to speak. And look what else he says. He says people in his day were thieves, murderers, adulterers … the same characteristics we see in people today. This is the beauty of the Bible. Everything in it can be applied to our lives today. Job wants to know why “good” things happen to bad people just like we want to know why icky snobs get to jet-set around the world. Well, Job gives us a slight view of how we can put our minds to rest about these people that infuriate us today. We can have faith that God has a plan and that their actions today will not be remembered as significant in the future.

Writing prompt: jet setters

Write about someone who is wealthy yet does little for humanity. Then write about what you would do if you had that much wealth. (Or maybe you do have that much wealth! Write about your wealth, what you do with it and how you could impact humanity even further.)


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