Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 26

Job’s got some sass, and I like it. Have you ever spoken like this to any of your friends after they’ve just tried to set you straight? The opening of Job’s ninth response, which is directed at his downer friend Bildad, is quite funny. He pretty much says, in the most sarcastic tone, “Oh, yeah, you’re just a pillar of wisdom, aren’t you?” And then he goes on to impress upon Bildad that he knows perfectly good and well who God is and what He is capable of … as he has done again and again in this book. I know we seem to go around in circles a lot regarding the themes in the Book of Job, but really, the entire book is a continuous loop, much like the events of history that follow this groundbreaking conflict between good and evil. What we are reading is the meaning of life in a nutshell. The Book of Job is a brilliant piece of word art, also. It’s got the feel of folklore, the aroma of philosophy and the rhythm of poetry. It’s beautiful in so many, many, many ways.

Writing prompt: Job

Write about something that stands out to you about the writing style/theme/rhythm of the Book of Job.


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