Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 27

Have you ever talked your way around something until you were confident in your beliefs? Job has come full circle in his conversation with his three friends, and he is standing on the rock like a boss in this chapter. He has come to the realization that, yes, wicked people often do get to enjoy their riches on Earth, but what do they have when they are gone? Nothing. What Job is saying here, essentially, is that he KNOWS he has not lived like these people, like the heathens his friends are accusing him of being like, and he is confident in his proclamations about his innocence. And through all his questioning and reasoning and anger and confusion, he’s come to the conclusion that even though he suffers, he will not just die and be forgotten: he will live in the presence of the One who created him. Job, even without Jesus, KNOWS there is more to life than living on Earth. He just knows what he knows, you know? He can feel it. That’s faith, and we all have so much access to it, it’s incredible, and Job is one example of that access. His story alone shows us that we ALWAYS have someone, the most important One, even when we feel like we have lost everything.

Writing prompt: confidence

Write about an aspect of yourself in which you are confident.


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