Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 31

Have you ever heard the expression, “Search my heart?” We used to pray that prayer a lot during my time in missions. Job is having a giant heart search in this chapter, and we know this isn’t his first one. He has impressed upon his friends and us that he is innocent, that there is absolutely nothing giving God a reason for punishing him. And I’m believing him! How about you? Though, like Job’s friends, I think I would still have my doubts. How could one person be so perfect? But, at the same time, Job was hand-chosen by God to bear this horrible task, and he does not disappoint. I’m absolutely certain I could not have been Job. Then again, sometimes I feel like we all have been hand-chosen by God to endure certain tragedies. I often have to look at hardships this way in order to get through them, and I think that’s mostly the point. Only God could get Job out of his situation. Ironically, only God could put Job in his situation as well.

Writing prompt: ins and outs

Have you ever been desperate for peace and comfort? Write about your situation in context to Job’s.


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