Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 32

Speaking up while surrounded by people who in a lot of ways intimidate you is an extremely tough thing to do for me. I have to admire this young man, whoever he is and whatever he is about to say, for he waited, and he listened before he spoke. If there is one thing we can contribute to his contribution to Job’s story, it is the fact that he respected his elders. However, I have seen many a young person THINK they are wading confidently with the wise only to be sucked under by an unsuspecting current, and I fear this young man is getting ready to experience the rush. Look at verse 20: “I must speak to find relief, so let me give my answers.” Ain’t nobody asking you for your answers, Elihu! Tread lightly, young one. I want to read ahead so much, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow to see if young Elihu sinks or swims.

Writing prompt: sink or swim

Have you ever spoken up while sweating profusely because you were so nervous about it? Write about your experience, the outcome and anything you might do differently now.


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