Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 37

I’m having one of those … yeah, yeah, yeah, you said that yesterday kind of days today. I feel like I should be slobbering over Elihu’s poetic finger-pointing, but instead I’m caught up in my own life and woes, which really aren’t that troublesome, but sometimes things just pop up, you know? I can’t even really apply what I feel should be a lesson somewhere here to my situation, so I’m rambling a bit. And that’s ok. That’s sort of what Elihu is doing also. He’s rambling. He already said all the stuff he said in today’s reading in yesterday’s reading. Now, he is just speaking to hear himself speak. In our mass communications courses, we’d call him a guy who was in love with his own voice. And while I do think young Elihu has many valuable contributions to Job’s overall story, I think he could have shut his trap already, and we would have gotten the point just fine. However, by including this chapter, we can see a little more of Elihu’s personality because if this passage would have indeed been left out, I never would have formed the opinion that Elihu let his arrogance override his wisdom with this last bit. He just went a little too far. And that’ his youth talking. And that’s ok, too.

Writing prompt: ramble on

Ramble on, my friends. Ramble on.


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