Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 38

Have you ever gone for a long period of time without speaking to someone because you were angry with them? And then when you finally open your mouth, you’ve had so much time to think and put your thoughts together that you just spew every single thing your mind has been thinking for days? God’s been waiting for this moment in Job. He’s been watching and listening to everything that is going on. And he’s not so impressed. While we know that Job was called “blameless” in the first chapter of this mysterious book, we also can see with our own eyes that Job is far from perfect, or at least what we might deem as perfect in worldly terms. He hung out with rich folks because he himself was a rich folk, and some of his buddies apparently weren’t so upright. And as he’s lost everything, he begins to ponder how and why God does the things He does, and maybe there was an arrogant air in all of this? I’m not sure, but it’s clear that God is a bit disappointed in Job’s behavior. On the other hand, it’s easy for us to see why Job reacted the way he did and also to admire him for not going completely off the rails. This is another thing that just occurred to me. Job could have chosen to be a dirty loser. He could have – because he’d lost everything – turned his misery into everyone else’s by robbing, cheating and even murdering or hurting others. But he didn’t. He took his lumps. He complained and questioned, yes, but he didn’t turn from good to do evil. And I’m sure God will recognize that after He finishes His initial talking to.

Writing prompt: the Lord sayeth

Have you ever waited on the Lord and then FINALLY He spoke? Write about that experience today. If you have never experienced this, write about something you might be struggling with or feel you have been waiting on for a long time. Pray that God will answer and that you will have open ears to listen.


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