Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Job 41

Just a few days ago my daughter was asking me if I thought dinosaurs were real. I said I do believe they were real, but maybe they weren’t called dinosaurs at that time. This chapter of Job is a perfect example of what big creatures might have been called back when they roamed the Earth. If you remember, the last chapter referenced Behemoth, and this chapter talks about Leviathan. To me, they both sound like one specific creature – like that’s what the biggest and scariest ones’ proper names’ were. But if the one existed, wouldn’t others? Just a theory. Who knows. Times were different back then. One thing I can say for sure is that I wouldn’t have wanted to run up against a Behemoth or a Leviathan. I can say with confidence, too, that the description of Leviathan in this chapter has indeed served as inspiration for many a tale and movie.

As far as the point to this chapter … I got a little caught up in the imagery to be honest. But what is God trying to say here? It’s important. He says this creature … this Leviathan … is bigger and badder than anything on the planet and that He alone can control it or destroy it. Now, this sheds a little different light on some films you’ve watched, huh? I mean, think about it: whenever there’s a dragon in a movie, there generally is one side trying to protect it and one side trying to destroy it. And in every single film I can think of, it’s nearly impossible to destroy a dragon. Just as God says here. Only He has the ultimate power to do so.

Writing prompt: dragons and sea monsters

Write a story or poem about either Leviathan or Behemoth (or both).


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