Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 3

I skipped reading yesterday and instead asked God to help me with something I was doing for work. I felt guilty about it, but at the same time, I felt assured that God was right there guiding me. And sure enough, the problem that kept me awake the night before was solved with God’s help! He is faithful, y’all, in the big things and the small. David knew this, too. Only David’s probs were a bit bigger than mine. However, put yourself in King David’s shoes. He was just a guy, a king, yes, but he had no more reason to believe that God was thinking about him than we do. Yet, he prayed to God in the darkest of times, and more importantly, he praised God in the darkest of times. And that’s exactly what this psalm is doing: King David was on the run from his very own son when he penned this poem. And while King David had a lot of faithful followers, his son, Absalom, had plenty of friends, too. I know I can relate to the feeling of my team being pitted against another team containing people I love and respect. It’s not easy, and there are ways to handle these situations with tact, and there are ways to handle these situations that will lead to a whole bunch of hurt and horrible things. King David remained steadfast in asking God for guidance. I think that’s a good lesson for all of us to learn from this psalm as well.

Sum it up:

Lord, I feel like so many people
Are ganging up on me.
So many are telling me that
You will never save me.

But I know, Lord, that you are my protector,
The One I look up to, the One I am allowed to praise … always.
When I cried out to you yesterday morning,
You answered me from your holy place on high.

And last night, I slept great!
I woke feeling safe and blessed
Because I knew you were watching over me.
I’m not afraid of people who don’t like me and want to hurt me.

Arise, Our Lord!
Rescue us!
Tower over our enemies!
And teach the wicked how cruelty feels!
We will be victorious because of Your love.
Please continue to bless us.

Writing prompt: vs.

Write your version of today’s psalm, and talk about a few verses that stood out to you.


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