Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 5

What does it mean to be surrounded by God’s shield of love, or for God to spread His protection over us? Look at King David’s situation. He’s running for his life … from his own son … who has a monstrous army. King David isn’t praising God while sitting on his comfy throne drinking ale. He is faithfully professing that, despite his hardships, he knows whose company he is keeping. He is saying, “This stinks, but I know you are with me, God.” And that is what it’s like to be shielded by God’s love and to have his protection spread and smeared and lavished all over you. It’s not a matter of what you have. It’s all about how you feel.


Lord, I pray you are listening;
Please, hear my aching heart.
Please, listen to me cry out to you, my King and my God,
For you are the only one I pray to ever.
Please, listen to my voice, Lord.
Every morning when I wake up, I greet you and wait for you to say good morning back.

God, I know you don’t like wickedness;
You don’t tolerate sin.
Therefore, proud people can’t approach you
Because you hate evil people.
You destroy liars.
You hate murderers and deceivers.

But because of your love, I can visit you in your house whenever I want;
I will give you the deepest respect when I visit.
Please, lead me on your planned path, Lord,
Or I will be defeated.
Show me clearly what you want me to do.

My enemies lie all the time. They don’t even know they are lying sometimes.
They just want to see others hurt like they do.
They curse and gossip. They might as well be dead.
They flatter people to butter them up.
God, please see their evil hearts,
And let them suffer for their ways.
Force them to leave me alone.
They don’t respect you!

But let those of us who do be joyful;
Let us praise you and worship you always.
Please, wash your protection over us,
And allow all who love you to feel an unexplained happiness.
For we know we are blessed, Lord,
Because you are on our side.

Writing prompt: sum it up

Do your worst at breaking this puppy apart and picking out the verses that encourage you the most.


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