Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 8

Today I underlined verse 5: “Yet you made them only a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor.” David is talking about human beings here, and I’ve heard this verse reference Jesus many times, and I definitely can see Jesus here, but I also see something emanating from Jesus, and that something is us. WE are a little lower than God, crowned with glory and honor … because of Jesus. Each and every one of us has something special, too, and we can be sure of that. For instance, Recently, I was admiring something I made at work, and it had gotten to a place where I was ready to share it with others, so I showed it – all giddy and excited – to my husband, who flipped through it and said, “Nice job, baby,” and went on with his life. Since he didn’t seem to get the picture I was trying to paint, I then went on to describe a few things that had gone on in the prior weeks to get my prize looking the way it did. Still, not a big deal to someone who doesn’t know – or care – about the “backend,” so to speak. And while I know that sounds like an insult, it most certainly is not. It’s completely human, and David is touching on it in this psalm.

He is saying we have zero idea as humans what you can do, God, but we know you made us, and for whatever reason, you love us so much that you put us in charge of stuff and gave us brains and hearts and hands and feet. Each of us is Your own special project, and You see us as such, individually. When I look at my own projects and how much I love each of them individually, I can get that. No one will ever love them or see them with my eyes, just like no one will ever see us the way God sees us. We are His own unique creations, each of us. So, remember, just because someone else doesn’t love your project as much as you might, it doesn’t make it any less loved.

Sum it up:

Oh, Lord, Your magic is everywhere!
You have taught children to tell of your wonders!
It’s amazing to see all you have created
And realize you created us, too!

And you didn’t just create us;
You made us in your image,
So that we can walk with you and talk with you forever.

Oh, Lord, how your magic is all around us!

Writing prompt: majestic project

Write about a project that is special to you but doesn’t really resonate with others in your circle. Don’t have a project going? Write about all the majestic wonders around you right now at this very moment.


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