Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 9

Have you ever received relief from someone’s death? It’s a guilt-ridden, humbling feeling sometimes. I feel like that’s where King David is in this psalm. My subtitle reads, “For the choir director: A psalm of David, to be sung to the tune of ‘Death of the Son.’” If you remember correctly from previous chapters about David’s reign, you’ll recall that David’s son, Absalom, tried his best to overtake his father’s kingdom. He tried so hard, in fact, he hunted his own father down in hopes of killing him. But that didn’t happen, and Absalom was the one who lost his life instead. And here we are, back in the same time period, when David is praising God … for his son’s death. Wow. Let that sink in, would ya? But also, while you’re letting it sink it, read the psalm again. David is not saying, “Thanks, God, for killing my son.” He is saying, “Thanks, God, for letting justice prevail.” For David knew – with great anguish in his heart – that his son was fueled by anger and vengeance. That’s a rough one to swallow. Still, David found reasons to love his son with great passion and sadness … and praise God for his blessings.

Sum it up:

I will praise you, Lord,
For my enemies not only left me alone,
But you conquered them in the name of peace.

Writing prompt: brutal honesty

Answer the opening question in your writing today.


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