Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 12

Sometimes it’s tough to maintain hope for the hopeless when we see so many terrible things happening in the world. And nothing has changed since David’s day. Sad. But the fact that not much has changed is exactly the reason why we CAN maintain hope in times of hardship and struggle. David is a witness to and a testament of God’s faithfulness because we know and can see by his life history that he never had it easy, yet God never left his side.

Sum it up:

Help us to stand upright
As we are surrounded by evil
And temptation, Lord.

The Lord says to us,
“I see all of it.
Don’t you worry.”

We trust you, God,
And know you will protect those
Who seek your protection.

Writing prompt: hope

Apply today’s Scripture to today’s world and your own surroundings.


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