Bible studies for writers

Bibles studies for writers | Psalm 13

In my early 20s, I went through a not-so-pleasant period when I thought I might never feel “normal” again. I felt so awful that I would pray at night for God to either heal me or just take me to Heaven in my sleep. I simply did not want to feel that way for another day. But I did. And I kept getting up despite my reluctance to want to face another moment of feeling the way I did. And I would count my blessings one by one: my son, the roof over our head, my upbringing … and on and on. While I felt like God wasn’t answering my prayers, somehow I knew He was listening … and watching … and waiting. I feel that’s where David is right now in these few little lines. And his faithfulness, I know somehow, has impacted mine.

Sum it up:

Why do you have to ignore me?
Why don’t you just answer my prayers
One way or the other, God?

Restore me. Let me smile again.
Please don’t let the heartache win.

I trust that You love me.
I am joyful because I know I am rescued.
I will praise you for your goodness to me

Writing prompt: dark days

We all have had dark days. Write about one of yours.


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