Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 14

Sometimes when I’m angry, I get super dramatic, and suddenly the words “every time” and “always” and “you never” get mixed into the volcano spew. I think we all do this, even King David. Look at verse 5: “But no, ALL have turned away; ALL become corrupt. NO ONE does good, NOT A SINGLE ONE! ” Of course, the caps are mine, but I wanted to emphasize that David is angry and probably confused and certainly hurting both physically and mentally as he writes these words … maybe from a cave or a desert hideout. In other words, King David in all his glory and righteousness was not exempt from human emotion. And we are not either. That doesn’t justify, however, not having to say you’re sorry after you go on a tirade. And I’m sure King David doesn’t look around at the men protecting him and say, “You all are a bunch of no-good losers, just like the men chasing after me!” Because we know he doesn’t feel that way. On the other hand, he is right in saying that everybody is evil and that everyone sins. He, himself, was most likely struggling with the fact that he sorta kinda wanted his own son to be killed so that this war-chase could end. And that’s ok, too. It gives us another way to see King David as human, just like we are.

Sum it up:

Only idiots don’t believe in You, God.
They’re corrupt and don’t know how to be good.

But God knows everything that happens on Earth.
He knows the wise and those who speak to Him regularly.

But NOBODY does that anymore!
EVERYBODY is horrible

And will they ever learn,
These cruel people
Who take, take, take
And never ask God or thank Him for anything.
But God will prevail for the oppressed.

Who will save God’s people?
The Lord will restore them,
Honoring His promise to Jacob.

Writing prompt: drama

Get dramatic in your writing today. Go wild. Throw out accusations that can’t possibly be true. Then put your writing away for a few days, and reread it later. I bet you’ll get a good laugh.


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