Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 15

Sometimes keeping promises hurts. David alludes to this fact in verse 4 of today’s reading, and I just loved it, mostly because I could relate to it in the very moment I read it. Just a few minutes before reading that line, I’d sent my niece and nephew-in-law some moolah for their first wedding anniversary. I didn’t really do it because I normally send people cash for their wedding anniversaries. I did it because I skipped their wedding last year and didn’t even buy them a gift! Now, I realize this was not a promise, but it did hurt to admit I was a loser last year, and I wanted to make up for it. I love that David acknowledges that sometimes it’s painful to do the right thing.

Sum it up:

Who may worship You and speak openly to You, Lord?
Those who are blameless, that’s who.

I left this summary short because this is the message I received from it. However, I received a larger message … one telling me that approaching God in David’s day was tough … one of Jesus.

Writing prompt: the message

Write about the message you received from today’s reading.


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