Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 16

Wasn’t it JUST in the last psalm David was shouting from the mountaintops that there were NO good people on Earth and that EVERYBODY was a complete loser? Now, look at verse 3: “The godly people in the land are my true heroes!” So, it looks like King David might be a bit of a drama queen … just like the rest of us can be at times. I take ABSOLUTE comfort in that, too, because I know I go way over the top saying things like, “You NEVER …, and she ALWAYS … .“ Fill in the blank because I know you do it, too.

Sum it up:

I said to God, “You are my Creator and Father!”
Everything I own and feel comes from you.
I stand in awe of those who serve you.
They are a delight to watch.

Lord, you are a blessing to me.
You guard me and mine.
You instruct my soul even while I dream.
I know you are with me all the time.

No wonder I’m so happy!
I know I am safe.
I know you will show me
The way to satisfaction and peace.

Writing prompt: dram it up

Write any story you want today, but add some drama to it. Get ridiculous. Go soap opera level even.


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