Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 17

King David often is referred to as “a man after God’s own heart,” and this psalm paints a perfect picture as to why. We all know David is not a perfect guy. We’ve been with him through his mistakes and grievances. We’ve read along as he’s been threatened and restored and threatened again. We can relate to his anguish … and how he might, at times, want to get really, really angry with God. And he does. But not here. Here, in this psalm, he asks; he praises; he gives thanks.

Sum it up:

Dear Lord, hear my prayer,
My cry for justice and help.
You know my heart.
I don’t even try to hide it from you.
I am determined to keep it pure
Because of this.

I am praying because I know you will answer, God.
Please, listen,
And show me your wonders.
Guard me.
Lead me.
Protect me from tragedy.

Give those who do wrong what they deserve.
Bless those who love you,
And bless their children, too.

Writing prompt: ask

Write a prayer to God today, and ask him earnestly for something you’ve been needing/wanting.


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