Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 18

Finally, a long psalm! Some of you are groaning, and I’ll be honest, long psalms are hard for me. They often repeat the same idea in different ways, and it’s hard to stay passionate about them from beginning to end … for me, anyway. Ironically, I totally resonated with this psalm today because of a Facebook memory. If you read your subtitle, you’ll see that this psalm was written by David during his days of hiding from King Saul. Now, if you need a bit of a refresher as to what was happening then, remember that King Saul was Israel’s first appointed king, and young David was anointed … as a clueless and very young shepherd boy … to take his place. That’s scary for a clueless and very young shepherd boy. And this psalm is a summary of David’s great thanks of God’s protection. Imagine it. Think of how filled with glory you would be! Sometimes we forget these moments in our own lives, and that’s why I found God’s timing in showing me a memory on the precise day I read this psalm.

Sum it up:

My faith in the Lord is where I draw my strength.
I was drowning once,
But God shook the sea,
Grabbed me by the shoulders,
And said, “Straighten up!”

Then he lit the path
On which He wanted me to walk.

Writing prompt: memory

Praise God by writing about a glorious memory today.


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