Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 19

King David was quite the bard. I always find it awe-inspiring and super encouraging to think of this noble and great king sitting around writing poetry. And don’t forget, he also played the harp! Stereotypes (like big, tough kings shouldn’t be writing poetry and playing harps) can rule our thoughts sometimes, and some things just take on feelings that we can’t even explain because they just end up in our DNA somehow, like the word “law.” When you think of the word law, do you think of being controlled? I think that’s how a lot of people think of laws, especially ones they don’t like to follow. But most laws (well, supposedly all laws) are made to protect people, and that certainly includes God’s law. I used to struggle with understanding the 10 Commandments until I really studied each of them for what they are, and verse 9 of today’s psalm reminded me of that: “The laws of the Lord are true, each one is fair.” Absolutely! God’s laws, in a nutshell, say … love. The end. Love Him. Love each other. Love yourself. Period. There’s no more than that, and if you do those things, Jesus said, everything else will just fall into place. So true. It sounds easy, too, but we all know it’s tough. However, we all also know that to be bound by one law – to love – is a pretty cool law to live by.

Sum it up:

The heavens speak with no sound;
Their message, Your message,
Is heard ‘round the world.

The sun, under your great authority,
Shines on every inch of the earth.

Your ways are perfect and easy.
You are fair.
Loving one another is the sweetest
Law ever.

I know I am not perfect,
But I ask you to show me my faults,
Guide me away from sin.

May everything I do and say
Honor You, My Lord.

Writing prompt: love

Write about love in whatever way you want today.


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