Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 21

Having a prayer answered is one of the most glorious experiences in the universe, especially when the answer comes after excruciating worry and misery. David is singing these kinds of praises in today’s reading, and the one thing I was thinking about most today is … what if David never experienced the trials which led to him praying this prayer of thanks? He most certainly would never have been so joyous. He most certainly would never have witnessed God’s love and protection. And he most certainly would never have written about it so that we can resonate with it today. Think about that next time you are down in the dumps and feel like God isn’t listening.

Sum it up:

How I rejoice in your mighty power, Lord!
You have given me my heart’s desires!
I asked you to preserve my life,
And you did! Thank you!

Your enemies will never prevail.
And we will celebrate this fact
With praise and worship and thanks.

Writing prompt: answered prayer

Write about a time a prayer was answered. Dig into the feelings you were having before the prayer was answered.


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