Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 23

We were all standing around Grandma Dotterer’s hospital bed when the preacher came in. I was just 16, but I knew what it meant when he asked her which Scripture she’d like for him to read. She smiled that sweet smile and said in her soft, shy voice, “Oh, Psalm 23, I guess.” I wondered why a woman who read the Bible every day chose such an obvious Scripture. But I also realize now that she had answered him as though she didn’t want to bother him, like she didn’t want him to have to go to the trouble to find and read a Scripture to her on her behalf. Asking for things just wasn’t in grandma’s DNA. So, she went the simple and satisfying route, and because of that moment, I can’t read this psalm without thinking about my Grandma Dotterer, specifically her faithfulness, her humble nature and her love for Jesus.

Sum it up:

The Lord watches over me,
Even though I am but one simple creature on Earth.

Writing prompt: thoughts

What thoughts does this psalm bring to your mind? Write about them today.


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