Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 24

I’m sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, actually surrounded by ancient gates on the 10th anniversary of the day I left my career in community journalism to become a full-time missionary. Wow. Did David’s words ever hit me between the eyes today! But besides the ancient gates, you know what else this psalm revealed to me? It said that we don’t need to be blameless to approach God anymore because of Jesus. David wrote these words before Jesus, and his words highlight how difficult it may have been to be close to God in his day. I hope you remember that if/when someone tries to condemn you for your shortcomings. Please, remember, we all have them – even kings like David, and psalms like these are precisely why God sent Jesus in the first place.

Sum it up:

God made everything,
So, who can approach the God
Who makes everything?
Only those who understand
And accept Him for who He is.

Writing prompt: shortcomings

Write about your shortcomings today, and thank Jesus for taking them upon himself.


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