Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 27

I had a couple downer days this week, and before reading this psalm of praise and worship for the Lord, I had a vision of myself peeking my head up above a pillow of clouds into a sea of sunshine and fresh air. It was glorious. And I never would have been able to experience it had my head not been under those clouds, in the dark grey thick of things, for a brief time. Oh, it’s joyous to rise from the ashes! Though, it’s not always easy. King David can attest to that. Despite being surrounded by enemies and living in not-so-kingly conditions, he never let his situation steal his joy in the Lord. Now, joy and joy in the Lord aren’t exactly the same things – but they can be! When we have joy, we can feel it from anything or anyone, but when we have joy in the Lord, we sometimes have to look for it. That’s called hope. And when we have to look for it and can’t actually see it but still know it’s there, that’s called faith. And when you combine hope and faith, you can ALWAYS find joy in the Lord, no matter your circumstance.

Sum it up:

I never have to be afraid
Because the God Almighty is my protector.
The only thing I want is to know Him
And to live with Him forever.
I know you love our chats and visits,
And you always are welcome in my home
To walk beside me and keep me company,
Especially when I feel alone.
When I am down,
I will (try to) wait patiently for your joy to fill me again.

Writing prompt: joy

Write about something that brought you joy recently, and give God full credit for it.


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