Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 29

Have you ever heard the term “the audible voice of the Lord?” If you have, or more miraculously, if you have experienced it, than this psalm may reach different heights for you. David refers numerous times in this very short psalm to the “voice of the Lord.” We can take that to mean the actual voice of the Lord, or we can imagine the voice of the Lord being brought to life through His creations. Either way, the voice of the Lord, whether audible or whispered on the wind, is a powerful sound.

Sum it up:

Everything in this universe
Should give God credit for its being.

The voice of Lord can be heard everywhere,
In everything
⁃ to the depths of the sea
⁃ to the tip-tops of mountains

Shout your loudest praises!
The Lord blesses those who praise Him.

Writing prompt: do you hear what I hear?

Write about the sounds around you right now at this very moment, and praise God for all His wonders.


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