Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 30

During missions training, we were encouraged to give our personal testimonies many times on and off the mission field, and man, I had a tough time with mine. To me, a testimony often is centered around that a-ha moment you realize God is who He is and what Jesus did, he did for us, and I never really had that moment. I just grew up believing and knowing in my heart that God was up there and all around us. But there were times in my life when I wondered how much more of life I could take and how much more of life God wanted me to handle. And some of those points became part of my testimony, but I still have a hard time summing up just one moment in time to talk about sometimes, so I’m often “privileged” to get to pick and choose from lots of times when God was the only way I was able to eventually find joy. And often, it was the joy I’d found in past sorrows that brought me through the next one, and so on. I think that is what David’s psalm is referencing today – clinging to God in times of trouble because you know the joy will come if you do.

Sum it up:

I will praise You for saving me, God.
For I called out to You, and You answered.
Everyone should praise You!
For You give us sorrows once in a while
But promise everlasting joy for eternity.

Writing prompt: joy to the world

Write about a time you experienced joy following a period of suffering.


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