Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 31

I’ve done some real dumb stuff in my life. Real dumb. Things that have made me not want to show my face in certain places ever again. But I’ve never felt like the whole world hated me. I’ve felt like a couple people were really, really mad at me, though, and I certainly didn’t want to expose myself to their anger on purpose. That’s how I kind of related to David’s beautiful psalm today. He’s feeling all the feels, and he’s been humble enough to share them with us. That takes bravery – just like showing your face in places you feel unwanted. This type of confidence comes from one source and one source alone, and it’s often at our lowest points that God wants us to channel this source the strongest.

Sum it up:

Lord, you are my last hope.
Those around me hate me,
Both friends and enemies.
I know you are the only one
I can trust.

Writing prompt: channel it

Channel your writing to the One Source you can count on today, tomorrow and forever.


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