Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 33

This psalm of worship and praise is one of the few that is not attributed to David. In fact, it’s not attributed to anyone. My Bible labels the author as “Anonymous.” But you can tell from the lines written that someone out there loved God like David did, which got me to thinking about some of David’s past psalms, and how he got all over-dramatic, saying EVERYONE is evil, and NO ONE loves God. I started thinking about this probably because I was doing the same thing. You see, I got my little feelers hurt first thing in the morning by a loved one who made a comment that probably meant nothing to this person but sorta punched me right in the gut. And I sat there holding my phone and reading that comment thinking all kinds of stuff: “I will NEVER mention that subject again,” and “NO ONE understands how I feel,” and “This happens EVERY time,” and a few other things I won’t type out here and make you endure. You get the picture. And you most likely get the picture because you have been in the picture yourself at some point. It’s not a nice picture to be in. It’s like that photo of me when I was 8 sitting spread eagle in my striped pajamas around my new Candi doll on Christmas morning. I wish I wasn’t in THAT picture. But then again, it does remind me to 1) not sit spread eagle around anything ever at any time, especially when cameras are around and 2) I did enjoy the heck out of that doll. She was giant and came with real make-up and ginormous, yet trendy (for the ‘80s), doll clothes. So, out of that embarrassing moment, I can sing praises. Just as out of my morning of hurt feelings, I also could sing praises, which is exactly what I started doing instead of sitting there staring at my phone in disbelief and sadness. I feel that’s what today’s author chose to do, too.

Sum it up:

Let those who know God is real sing a song of worship!
Let them praise Him with any and all instruments.
Let them acknowledge that everything around them is holy
Because it was created by the One True God.

Writing prompt: praise Him

We’ve all had our feelings hurt by humans. Praise the God who helps us through our hurts in your writing today.


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