Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 44

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t thought about what all the Israelites went through to get to where we are in today’s psalm in a long time. Granted, the text is a bit vague, but we sorta kinda know from smart people before us that these pages probably were written in King David’s time, or at least not anywhere near when the Israelites sauntered into the Promised Land with Joshua at the helm. Remember those days? This psalm alludes to them a bit in the beginning, and then it jumps to a present-day situation that looks a bit war-ish and super gloomy. So what’s the point? The point I got out of all this is that since the dawn of time, people have been going through hardships, and we don’t know why, but we do know from these examples that the hardships don’t ever last forever, and God always has something spectacular waiting on the other side, and that waiting to receive that spectacularness can be absolute murder, but where we end up from where we’d been always is worth some murder … in hindsight, of course, because if you’re going through murder right now, these words might not be so comforting, but I hope they are, and I hope this dramatically long, hopefully grammatically correct sentence turns a frown upside down somewhere.

Sum it up:

God, we know what our ancestors did to get us here.
Though, sometimes we forget,
And for that, we thank you for you grace
And praise you for your mercy and protection.

But where are you now?
We are weary.
We are crushed.
We have lost so many
And for what reason?
We never forgot you.
We never stopped loving you.
Hear us, please,
And set us free.

Writing prompt: way back when

Think about a time when you were little and you learned about something from the past that affects us all today. Write about that memory and today’s feelings about it.


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