Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 45

Not every single word of the Bible is written expressly for and about God. Well, that didn’t come out just right. I mean, … just take this psalm, for instance: it is a love song “praising” a king and his bride-to-be, a wedding song, most likely. And I put “praising” in quotes because we don’t really want to say this psalm is praising anyone outside of God, but it is praising a unification brought about and surrounded by God’s blessings, which is super praiseworthy and absolutely gorgeous, as described in this psalm. The actual wording got me to thinking: why would God allow a psalm in the Bible that seems to be dedicated to a king and his future queen? My best answer is that so we can see beauty in relationships and how they impact so many people around us. We don’t have to be royalty to know this.

Sum it up:

I’m so filled with love,
I think I’ll write a poem!
Today is your day,
And you are beaming from ear to ear with delight!
Receive it!
Receive your gifts with joy,
And dance because of your blessings.

Dear bride, find comfort in your new place.
May your now-in-laws welcome you as a relative,
For your new husband loves you wholeheartedly.
Receive your gifts as well,
And enjoy your big day!

This is only the beginning!

Writing prompt: love song

Write a lovey-dovey-super-ooey-gooey-dripping-with-romance poem or song today.


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