Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 46

Sometimes I read things I’ve written in the past and go, “Clearly, that didn’t happen.” I’m wondering today if that’s how the sons of Korah might have felt if they had gone back to read today’s psalm. I’m referring specifically to verses 4 and 5: “A river brings joy to the city of our God, the sacred home of the Most High. God dwells in that city; it cannot be destroyed. From the very break of day, God will protect it.” Now, if you’ve been reading with us up to this point, then you’ll know that the “city of our God” generally refers to the City of David, home of God’s official Temple. And if you know that much, then you know that God, indeed, did let that city and everything in it, including his own Temple, get wiped off the map. So, clearly, we can look at verses 4 and 5 of today’s reading and say, “Clearly, that didn’t happen.” And that’s ok. While this line does give the naysayers a lot of evidence to back up their great debates about the Bible not being totally factual, it also gives us a glimpse at how passionate about God the sons of Korah were when they wrote this little ditty. Consider it like a modern-day country song, when a real singer writes a real love song for his real wife … at that time. All the words are true and beautiful … at that time. And God honors that honesty so much. Don’t think He doesn’t. But the truth is, we humans screw things up – just like the people did in the days and years after the sons of Korah recorded these words. And, again, that’s ok, because God sees – through words like these – that we do try, that we do have soft hearts at some points in our lives, that we do love … and that we are capable of all those things … at least sometimes. We can call this grace or forgiveness or just simply love. And we don’t have to feel bad about looking back and realizing things didn’t go like we thought they would.

Sum it up:

God has protected us from so much danger!
He has shielded us even when we aren’t aware of His presence!
Let me tell you about the times He has sheltered me!
Let me witness that Our God is with us!

Writing prompt: liar, liar pants on fire

Write about a time you accidentally lied.


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