Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 47

There is nothing more satisfying than a feel-it-deep-down-in-your-soul worship session. Nothing. It doesn’t matter if you are in a room with yourself and your iPhone or surrounded by 10,000 people; meaningful worship times just can’t be topped. They are the times when you get to just lie your head on God’s shoulder and weep or stand before Him and celebrate or feel your chest hurt so good as He squeezes you oh so tightly. Today’s psalm is one of those songs I bet you could “feel” when you sang it. We don’t get to enjoy its full glory because the English translation doesn’t have much rhyme or reason like a traditional hymn, but you can betcha there were some tambourines and cymbals sounding in the Temple when this song was queued up. I normally picture the people from these days as boring old-timers, all dressed up in formal robes with nicely coifed long, grey beards. I don’t know why. The movies, probably. But the descendants of Korah, the people credited with writing this psalm, most likely were a mix of young and old-ish and super, ancient old dudes – AND WOMEN (though the women may not have had a leading role, I guarantee many of them made their opinions known, and I’m very certain that many of the men listened and took their advice because that’s just the way history has taught us things work) – who had all kinds of traits, like humor and musical skills and even romantic hearts. They weren’t all old stuck-up codgers like I generally picture(d) them (I’m trying to change, but we all know change is hard). And they liked to get down in worship just like we do today. It’s fun to party with God! And this psalm sounds like it may have been the opening song after one of the Sons of Korah shouted, “Heyyyyyy, let’s get this party started, right!”

Sum it up:

Let’s get this party started, right!
It’s time to shout your praises to God!
Don’t hold back!
Clap your hands! Throw them in the air
Like you just don’t care!
Even kings are doing it!
Everyone can praise God the same!

Writing prompt: praise Him

Spend some time worshiping God today. Turn on some music, dedicate it to Him, and write a song or note or poem of praise today.


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