Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 49

The last stanza of this psalm got me scratchin’ my head, so I’m going to leave it open for interpretation and hope that someone offers one. And I don’t have much to say about the other stanzas because they are pretty self-explanatory, and that’s just what I’m going with today – love and grace and hope in times of trouble. This did get me to thinking, though, about the cycle of life, the ups and downs, the valley and mountains, the perpetual, never-ending push and pull, tug and release, exhausting-sometimes cycle of life. As I’ve aged, I’ve started seeing patterns … well, in almost everything (sometimes I feel like that guy in “A Beautiful Mind” only I don’t have a chalkboard) … and that is both comforting and frustrating as heck. In the latter setting, I just want to throw up my hands and ask, “What’s the flipping point???” On the other hand, I see how it all has flowed and how it is flowing and how it will continue to flow and how each of us contributes to the flowiness in our own ways. It’s that darn “butterfly effect,” you know? And what happens when it’s all over for us on Earth? This verse, verse 13, was the reason I didn’t want to touch on the meaning of this psalm today: “This is the fate of fools, though they are remembered as being wise.” Ugh! Why are they remembered as being wise? Are the people we think are wise actually fools? Do we know nothing about anyone anywhere ever??? Literally, this sentence changed my life perspective in a matter of five seconds today. Help!

Sum it up:

Hey, people! All people!
It doesn’t matter how much money you have
Or don’t have
You need to listen!

We have inspiration all around us
In so many forms, it’s crazy!
Money can’t buy it, either.
You have to ask God for it.

But just ask. He’ll give it to you.
He’ll give it all to you –
Inspiration, wisdom, grace.
But if you don’t ask,
You’ll just die
Never knowing this kind of beauty.

Writing prompt: the wisest

Express your feelings in writing about this psalm today.


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