Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 51

I always try to pray before I begin reading. I say try because sometimes I forget to ask for some guidance and just dive right in, but today, I remembered. And as I was praying – and before I started praying, actually – I was thinking about a time in my life that was bad. Ohhhhhhh, it was bad. Crying, shameful bad. Like, I didn’t want to show my face in church bad. Never, ever, ever gonna tell my kids about that one bad. But as I prayed today and thought about that horrible day when I thought my heart might explode and that my tears may never dry, I let out a tiny giggle as I started reading. And I felt God say, “See, you can laugh now because that moment was just the beginning of something so much better.”

And as I kept reading, God kept reminding me through David’s words about grace and how when we ask for it wholeheartedly, God gives it to us, and sometimes He even rewards us in the craziest ways. Like sending us to Thailand to become missionaries. And that’s why I giggled – because that horrible, awful, terrible day that once brought me so much grief and pain and embarrassment was the event that made me listen even closer when God used Beth Moore to point her finger at me and say like an angry mama in the grocery store, “Straighten up!” It was the beginning of who and where I am now, which is a blessed child of God who can laugh at some of her past mistakes (and even tell her kids about them) all the way from Thailand.

Sum it up:

I beg you to wash me clean, Lord.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
My life is yours
Because without you
I am worthless

If it is a broken heart you wanted to see,
You got it!
Now, tell me how to heal it and move on.
I am ready to go wherever you tell me to go.
I am ready to do whatever you tell me to do.

Your grace is worth more than my heartache.

Writing prompt: grace

Write about an area in your life where you need grace or where God has given you great grace.


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