Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 52

Giving someone a piece of your mind, especially in writing, can backfire. It’s easy to write down your anger and frustration in the moment and really mean it – in the moment. Sometimes I look back at things I’ve written in the past and think, “Man, I don’t even remember being that angry.” I’m not saying David wasn’t justified in his anger in this psalm, but what I am saying is that this may have been one he looked back on and said, “Wow! I was super mad at Doeg when I wrote these words.” (According to my notes, this psalm was written by King David shortly after Doeg ratted him out to King Saul, saying that David had gone to see Ahimelech. Do I remember this story? No. But I hope you do, and even if we don’t, it doesn’t mean we can’t empathize and learn from David’s psalm today.) So, if sometimes we say things that we really don’t mean out of anger, why did God allow passages like this into the Bible? I’m thinking to show us that we’re human and that in all times, we can stand on God as our foundation, especially when we need to simmer down.

Sum it up:

You think you’re really tough stuff, don’t you?
That’s ok, go on about your destruction,
For I know what happens in the long run.
You don’t win.
You won’t even be remembered – DOEG.
I’m preserving your name in all caps
Because this is the only time you’ll be recognized,
Unlike me,
For my name is written on God’s heart forever.

Writing prompt: let it out

I don’t mean to encourage talking smack, but today I’m going to … again. We all get edgy, and people around us really tick us off sometimes. Write all your irks and quirks out on paper. Talk bad and mean if you need to. Then give all that anger and frustration to God for your own contentment. (And maybe tear up or even burn today’s writing. Hehe.)


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