Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 53

David has shared the same sentiments we are reading today in prior psalms. I know because I remember giving the “EVERYONE” and “ALL” and “NO ONE” talk, the drama queen lesson, if you will. It was the post about getting all hot under the collar and going to the extreme with your anger, claiming that EVERYONE is horrible and that NO ONE loves God, which we know isn’t true at all. Yet, here we are again, reading the same words written out of David’s frustration, hurt and confusion, like he’s going through the same ol’ emotions all over again. Hmmmmm, interesting, huh?

Sum it up:

I think people who say there is no God
Aren’t so bright.
In fact, I think they are downright corrupt and evil.
Not a single person who doesn’t believe in God
Is a good person.
I hope all of them rot away and are forgotten.
We who know God will rejoice from a place so beautiful
We can only begin to imagine what it’s like.

Writing prompt: evildoers

Now, I absolutely, positively, with no uncertainties do not think that all people who do not believe in God are heathens and hell raisers. In fact, I know some pretty nice, wonderful, helpful souls who just have not and may not ever accept Jesus. I would never, ever, ever wish them any kind of hurt. Ever. However, I do still get angry will all kinds of people, and sometimes I say dumb things, like “NEVER” and “EVERYONE” and “NO ONE,” just like David did. And that’s ok, too. Write about someone today who just irritates you to no end, and in your writing, ask God to give you some grace with that person and to maybe see something in that person that only God sees. Pray for that person, and ask God to give you a little grace, too.


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